Problematic Pointbreaks  // Editorial
07 March 2011
You know the setup, a beautifully shaped, high performance wave running down the shallow sandbank or rock ledge along one of the many pristine points on Australia's east coast. These waves are generally so predictable with every wave duplicating the one before it - so easy to surf due to the lack of hidden surprises. They often have a super easy paddle out t ... [ more ]

Wild Women  // Event
06 March 2011
The 26th of February will be remembered for many reasons, it was one of the few sunny days of summer, it had a spectacular pink and purple awe inspiring sunrise but more importantly it was the date for the Wild Women's Water Day. The event was being held at one of the Surfcoast's best right hand point breaks, Point Impossible but the question was, were the s ... [ more ]

Slow Motion Racing  // Event
25 February 2011
Pacifica twilight race regulars - these guys are quick. Very quick. How did they get so quick? They never used to be this quick. They are quick over a long distance too. Bugger. I'll never be able to catch them - unless I can slow them down ... somehow. ... [ more ]

NSPC Inaugural Comp  // Event
22 February 2011
Summer was in the air. A warm, humid morning, light offshore winds and two feet of NE swell. The crew from Newcastle Stand Up Paddle Board Club (NSPC) were kicking off their inaugural club competition. The comp's fruition was five months of hard work by a dedicated club committee establishing all that was needed for the club to be successful; sponsors, membe ... [ more ]

The Cloudy Comp  // Event
13 February 2011
There are two main things on a contest director's mind in the week leading up to an event - waves and weather. Well there are a lot of other things too, but everything else is controllable - membership lists, rego forms, heat sheets, pens, rash shirts, flags, food, drinks, prizes, etc, etc. Waves and weather are not controllable and therefore create consi ... [ more ]

Busting the Southerly  // Session
06 February 2011
I was crapping myself, no ... literally. I wasn't sure if it was the anticipation of the wild conditions we were about to endure or the fact that I was still suffering from a shocking stomach bug that I'd had for the last 24 hours. Sorry, probably too much information, hey? Let's start again... The windscreen wipers were on high as I drove along the coast ... [ more ]

Pacifica Twilighting  // Event
04 February 2011
Yet another great evening greeted the participants of the first Pacifica Twilight Time Trials for 2011. With the biggest starting list to date, the two divisions were sequentially started, right on time, and the bustling for the first buoy began. The loop around Mona Vale Basin consisted of a side-wind leg, a nice calm leg along North Point and then a gre ... [ more ]

Last Day  // Session
31 December 2010
The beach on a beautiful, warm morning with great waves, clean water and light off-shore winds is always going to be crowded in a bustling metropolis. Add to that, a day that is dead smack in the middle of the Christmas holiday period and it's going to get downright ridiculous. The last day of 2010 on the Northern Beaches was just like that. I'd been out ... [ more ]

Getaway  // Editorial
04 January 2010
Don't you just love getting away? Packing up the boards and hitting the road (or air), destined for some far away, SUPing utopia. Maybe it's to a place you go every year where you know the waves will be good, maybe it's to that mystical place that you've been told stories about of perfect waves wrapping along a pristine point or maybe it's to somewher ... [ more ]

Stand Up Medicine  // Editorial
20 December 2009
I woke up the other morning at 3:00am with an excruciating pain in the middle of my back. I didn't know what to do. I could hardly move. After three wakeful hours, I tried to get up. I was lying on my stomach so I carefully wriggled my legs off the edge, then slowly spun around a bit and lowered myself down until I was kneeling beside the bed. Then very pain ... [ more ]
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